Passion at the core
About Steinfreund.
Every decision at Steinfreund is made under careful consideration in respect to the roots of our core values, which are manifested in every step we take.
253 days

a year we passionately monitor markets and optimize our models

coding hours were spent to help us and others in their trading decisions

of the time our model's predictive power is right and we win
Our firm
is passionate at the core
all day, every day
We work hard to provide you with the best data insights out there on Wall Street and beyond. SA team members literally sit in front of the screens all day to deliver outstanding and extraordinary results that are paralleled with dynamic market conditions.

When it comes to analytical insights, our firm is becoming one of the leading niche players. Deep passion and extensive knowledge meet the latest technological advancements at Steinfreund.

Our values
Steinfreund analytics stands for...

...integrity in everything
...relentless discipline and persistence
...growing innovation and automation
...passion to the core

Our mission
is to be Wall Street's leading
data analytics firm
Our passion for data science and financial markets is deeply coherent with us.

We dream big and execute bigger in order to bring you the best there is in terms of financial technology. Monitoring the markets 253 days a year, our work ethic is unmatched and we know exactly what it takes to built trading systems that last in an ever changing environment.

What makes us truly special is our scientific approach that we apply to financial markets and our drive to succeed in this game.

Beating Wall Street
from Bavaria
Bustellistr. 5
80638 Munich
With access to our statistical research we want to give more investors the opportunity to make better decisions.
Julian Heller, MSc. - Managing Partner