a SCIENtific approach to Finance
Quantitative Research.
We pursue a strictly data-oriented analysis approach with a focus on sustainable asset growth and long-term profit optimization.
Cut the meat, leave the bone.
The inherent factors that may adversely affect individual securities or a very particular group of assets are referred to as idiosyncratic risk. Systematic risk is the opposite of idiosyncratic risk, relating to wider developments that have an effect on the overall financial system or a very wide market. We aim to be as unexposed as possible to the risk of wider developments on the overall financial system, which is why our main focus lies in the recognition of momentum and trends, which we exploit through rigorous risk management set-ups under high probable outcome scenarios.
We combine momentum based and trend-following investment and trading strategies, in which we aim to cut out a piece of the underlying trend or momentum, based on algorithmic models to predict changes in prices. Based on analyzing large amounts of price and order flow data, these models are on the lookout for non-random movements to make predictions. The nature of our price identifications is based on an incremental OLS regression algorithm, which helps us to determine the best possible entry and exit points. We divide our signals in 3 different categories based on their respective time horizons ranging from intraday holding periods to swings over several months.

Statistical Pattern Recognition.
Statistical probability models are the core piece of all our algorithms, which are designed to find market opportunities with high statistical outcomes. These probability models are optimized through a machine learning approach, in which we aim to learn about changing investment environments in order to mitigate extreme outlier risks. This is where our risk management systems come in place and are aligned with our sophisticated probability models, which are characterized by their adapting qualities. We implement them in our market screenings to uncover hidden opportunities, with high chances of success, when executed.
Systematic Risk Management.
Though rigorous risk management set-ups, embedded in all systems at all stages, we ensure to create the disciple of integrating risk estimations and management techniques at the core of our operations. We deeply integrate our proprietary risk systems in every code we develop and furthermore manifest it deeply in the corporate culture of Steinfreund. Our heavy focus on risk management allows us to protect capital, as we stress portfolio constructions and pre-trade decisions before being executed. Therefore, it is a central part in our decision-making progress for proprietary trading activates, as well as the development of our analytical algortihms.
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